US and UK, Ban Bringing Large Electronics on Airplanes in Flights from Jordan and Saudi Arabia

If you are traveling on a plane, one way to kill boredom is to bring your tablet or something else like a laptop or other electronics on your way to your destination. However, what if you can’t bring it for some reason, surely it would be a long flight for you.

electronics ban
Image by Gigaom

In the US and UK, bringing those electronics on your flight would not do you good since those things are banned on most airplanes.  For parents, bringing those electronics is essential since it can distract their children on a long flight. Parents are freaking out since they can’t turn their children off as the kids gets bored easily.

“They were officially announced by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the TSA and the State Department on Tuesday, when the policy was enforced,” reveals Mashable.

According to Reuters, the new ban was imposed because of a terrorism threat on the airlines.  It would only affect the airlines from Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

“No American carriers would be affected by the ban, the officials said. Passengers would be allowed to carry larger devices such as tablets, portable DVD players, laptops and cameras in their checked luggage,” Reuters revealed.

CNN reported that the ban has something to do with al Qaeda hiding a bomb on the electronics. Apparently the US intelligence discovered that the international terrorist group knows how to hide the explosives on large electronics.

“The new security restrictions, announced Tuesday, require airlines based in the Middle East and North Africa to prevent people flying from eight countries from bringing any device bigger than a smartphone aboard their aircraft. Instead, those electronics need to be stored in the cargo hold,” declared CNN.

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