Have you ever been locked out of your house because you forgot to bring a key or you don’t have one but all your family members are out? Or maybe you lost your bag (and your keys). This could be quite frustrating – and might even lead to broken door locks if you are not patient.

Well, there is a much easier way to do things so you will never be locked out again: hide your house key outside your house. Of course, this might invite thieves inside your house, you might say, but if you are clever, you will be able to hide your key using ingenious ways – and no one will know it is hidden just outside your house!

We got the idea from the Household Hacker who made a clever housing for his key using some PVC pipes. Of course, you have to make variations on your own just in case prospective thieves happened to chance on this article or saw the YouTube video…

Check out the clever trick in this video:

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