There is a very simple way to remove tourists from your travel photos – and you do not even need extensive knowledge of Photoshop to do it! This is the first time I heard of this trick and would certainly be using it for future trips or for taking photos of tourist spots in our hometown.

Photographer Ray Demski created a video and shared it on YouTube channel COOPH (Cooperative of Photography). Thanks to Demski, we have learned some really cool tricks not just on how to remove tourists from photos – without asking everyone to physically go away, of course – but also on how to create unique shots (by throwing your GoPro, uh oh) and other fantastic tricks.

The best trick I learned from the video is this: taking tourists out of the photos. All we have to do is use a tripod and take around 10-15 shots. Open Photoshop. Choose File, Scripts, Statistics, and click “Median” before uploading the photos. Voila! The tourists are gone!

Check out more of Demski’s cool tricks here while I go out to buy a tripod so I can try the simple tourist removal trick on my next trip…