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VIRAL PHOTO: Toughie Police General ‘Bato’ Takes a Nap at a Public Place While Holding Hands with His Wife

A sweet photo of Philippine National Police (PNP) General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa napping on a chair at a public place while holding hands with his wife has gotten the attention of hundreds of social media users who expressed their admiration of the police chief.

Many of those who commented on the shared by Facebook page, Tambayan ni BERTO, wrote that they admire the hardworking general who probably has to spend lesser time with his wife and kids now that he is working extra hard to achieve the tasks assigned to him by President Rodrigo Duterte, particularly on the numerous crackdowns against drug personalities across the country.

In his busy job, he surely must have lost hours of sleep – that is why he is trying to catch up on some zzzzz’s even while attending a function.

Photo credit: Facebook: Tambayan ni BERTO
Photo credit: Facebook: Tambayan ni BERTO

In the photo, it was clear that the two are so much in love with each other and were showing support for each other as they held hands. This snapshot appears to be taken during a formal government function as the police chief was wearing formal white police uniform while his wife appears to be wearing a lovely silver gown.

What do you think of this photo?

  • PaparazziPH

    Correction po ….. He looks like a special child holding the hand of his mama dearest.

    • patrick

      yup and the special child your mentioning is the one who keeps your streets clean of crimes , you dipshit…

    • correction for you man…YOU ARE SUCH AN ASSHOLE

  • Tomas Gaurano

    Katatapos lang nila magtonting kaya pagod siya

    • carlos

      kung wala ka rin lng masasabing maganda makabubuti sa iyo na isara mo na lang ang bibig mo !

    • kuya…nasan ang tamang thinking mo…bakit ganyan ba kababa ang pagkatao pag nakakita k ng ganyang photo…iba na ang takbo ng utak mo…bastos ka pala eh..

      • Jessie Robles

        Liza, it’s a formal police function he is attending. He should be wide awake, if he can not then go home and sleep. Don’t let the public see you like a “sleeping Beauty” taking a snooze in Public! The people does not have to think what he is doing…..he is sleeping on the job! That’s what the public is seeing and thinking….come on wake up and smell the roses Liza.

        • aldrin

          Hater, bitter, what can I say…

          • Jessie Robles

            This is not about hate, it’s all about abuse of power! Remember why Digo is elected? Digo is president now because he promised to stop government abuse. This is clearly an abuse. If he needs sleep, he should go home and sleep! Wearing a special function uniform just to snooze in public is not a sight that connotes working hard!

  • This is truly touching. Admirable government of President Duterte. From his presidency to his Police czar, they are dedicated government officials. Mabuhay!

    • Jessie Robles

      Disgusting sleeping on taxpayer’s time.

      • boyong Mm

        the tax that you are paying, if ever cannot compensate to the risk to the cpnp and his family. yet that man is doing everything he can in fighting crimes to keep you safe, your family safe, our families safe.

        • Jessie Robles

          Yeah boyong, doing everything he can fighting crime, keeping me and my families safe while sleeping on the job. A big joke!

          • El Maldito

            Drug addict siguro tong si Jessie Robles ” naka lagay oh Appears to be” and indeed that was taken from Cebu Parklane Hotel! yan kasi eh, kaka tira mo, pababa ka muna ng Tama mo pre.

          • Jessie Robles

            Naughty, you must be under the influence of something his wearing a white uniform. Police white uniform is only use for special police function! What is he doing near the hospital taking a snooze wearing his white special function uniform? Must have been a very special snooze for “sleeping beauty”.

  • Jessie Robles

    Taking a nap on taxpayer’s time is not a good sign. He been on the job just for a few months and starting to abuse it. Hope Digo will reprimand him ASAP!

    • cxkp

      Just stay in your YELLOW SUBMARINE that is stacked in YELLOW BRICK ROAD.

    • peter

      Jessie robles you are a moron.

    • peter

      This man is working hard to heal your country pathetic idiot. Shut your mouth! !retard

      • Jessie Robles

        Yep Peter Pan, if that’s your idea of working hard…..sleeping on the job….who’s the pathetic retard and the idiot?

        • El Maldito

          yellow Cult / addict sighted xD

  • grapesofwrath

    That’s at Parklane Hotel in Cebu at a wedding reception. He had a long day after a busy weekend (yes, 24/7 on call ang police at sundalo). May mga media pa sa lobby na inabangan siya at gustong interviewhin na siya namang pinagbigyan niya. He met with people pa after the event. Then he had to fly back to Manila on a red eye to work at Crame. Of course, I would take a nap at any chance if I were in his position.

    • Jessie Robles

      Read the details below the photo. It says formal police function, he’s wearing the white uniform!

  • julio madiaga

    isn’t this a nice contrast to that other viral photo? yun ‘ala Pieta.
    viral din daw ito.

  • Our Police czar should not forget his health no matter how hard he has to work for the country. This photo clearly shows he does not have time to complete his needed hours for sleep. When the body and mind are exhausted, one can easily doze off.

    Here is a link about how much sleep do we really need.

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