The hospital version of Hachiko?

In a touching story of love and dedication between a man and his dog, we are taken to lovely scenes where the two are constantly hanging out with each other but also giving space for the other to have fun.

For example, whenever the master is inside a building, the dog would patiently wait outside until its master is back from his business. It does not matter how long the master is inside the facility – the dog would always wait for him to go out.

One day, while the two were at home watching TV, the old man collapsed and was taken to the hospital. The dog chased after the ambulance and waited outside the hospital for his master yet he never went out of that hospital again. Choosing his lonesome vigil, the dog ignores the people while he awaited his beloved master.

Then, one day, when another person went out of the hospital, the dog quickly went up and offered her kisses. Can you guess why?

Check out the video to find the answer:

What is the importance of this video? Well, it actually highlights organ donation – that after you passed away, a part of you still lives on in the lives of people who have become recipients of your precious organs.

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SF Globe