Viral Video: Boy Makes a Flying Leap, Lands on Fluffy Train of Aunt’s Wedding Gown

Weddings would not be complete without kids in it for they add color and fun to the event; though there are also times when they can be a disruption to the serious event. There are moments, however, when kids disrupt the wedding but cause laughter to erupt among the guests and the couple.

Take for example the hilarious moment in this wedding in Dublin, Ireland caught on camera by Andréa Malone, the bride’s sister.

Rhys was so excited to see his aunt’s voluminous train as she walked down the aisle towards the altar that the 4-year-old boy could not resist but make a huge flying leap towards the moving cloth, landing squarely at the center much to the bride’s fright!

The boy is safe and the bride’s gown, thankfully, did not suffer any damage but the hilarious moment would forever be etched in the minds of those who watched the moment unfold right before their eyes.

Watch the funny video here:

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Posted by Andréa Malone on Friday, March 4, 2016

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