A video showing doppelgängers of United States President Barack Obama, and North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un who were recently spotted in the streets of Hongdae singing a duet together has quickly become viral since it was uploaded by PandoraTV on April 15th .

The video started with President Obama’s look-alike being escorted by his own ‘secret service’ to a special performance area in the middle of the streets in Hongdae, in Seoul, South Korea. He started by greeting the audience and then started plucking away his acoustic guitar. He then invited Kim Jong Un’s doppelganger  who also pushed through the crowd, surrounded by his guards in uniform, to take to the mike and sing along.

Photo credit: YouTube

They performed an impressive duet rendition of a song based off to Celine Dion’s “All By Myself”.

Check out their performance below:

After their performance, the two then left the scene amicably, with Kim Jong Un sending President Obama off in a taxi, telling him to go home safely.

The video was actually a one of a kind and unique advertisement by an online electronics store eNuri and it has garnered over a million views so far and still counting.

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