War in Syria has the Worst Impact on Children’s Mental Health and Well-Being

Since the war started in Syria in 2011, hundreds of thousands of Syrians already died and almost half of its population were displaced. Syria, which has a population of 13.5 million, 5.8 million of which are children, is constantly bombarded with airstrikes which left the children wishing for their own deaths.

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Save the Children, an international non-governmental organization promoting children’s rights recently released Invisible Wounds, a study which aimed to look into the state of being of the children of Syria. The study interviewed more than 450 children and adults and revealed a worsening mental health crisis among children who are caught inside the war-stricken country.

According to the report, six years of wars made a lot of Syrians live in constant fear and toxic stress. The same war also brought the children immense psychological damage and increased their long-term risk of self-harm, drug *****, and suicide.

Syrian children have been injured by the attacks or have personally seen their loved ones die. To cope, some were already using ***** while some have shown signs of a post-traumatic disorder.

Most of them do not go to school anymore since thousands of schools were also damaged by the attacks and education professionals fled the country out of fear for their lives.

However, the report also said that there is still hope for the Syrian children. They are “incredibly resilient’ and with the proper resources, psychosocial support can still fix the scars left by the war.

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