WARNING: Mom Reminds Parents That Riding Shopping Carts is Way More Dangerous Than You Think!

Everyone does grocery shopping. It is a task that we all have to do every once in  a while, whether you like it or not. Yes, you can go shopping online, but you cannot always rely on that because you have to wait for it the next day for it to be delivered, or worse, some stores may not be able to deliver it to your home if you live far away.

For those who go grocery shopping in supermarkets and groceries, what some people don’t think about when they grab a shopping cart is on how many other people have used it before them, and how many germs are there.

A mother of a 10-month old son warned parents on letting their children ride grocery carts. Vivienne Wardrop shared on social media Facebook a post warning parents about shopping trolley hygiene after her baby contracted salmonella poisoning and meningitis after sitting in one shopping cart.

Vivienne, a mother of five, went for a quick shop at Helensvale, on Queensland’s Gold Coast, on September 13 and took her baby boy with her, putting him in a trolley. Almost 24 hours later, her son, Logan, started having severe diarrhea, vomiting and had high fever.  She took her baby boy to the doctor who told her it was just a virus.  But his condition did not get any better, at one point, the diarrhea got so bad he started passing blood. By early Thursday morning, Logan was so dehydrated she had to take him to Gold Coast University Hospital. When they got his vita signs, his heart rate was up around 200-220 beats per minute- with a normal heart rate being just around 80-140!

Good thing she decided to bring her son to the hospital. When the results of the laboratory tests came up, it said that Logan had contracted several illnesses such as adenovirus, rotavirus, salmonella and meningitis. Imagine! For ten days, Logan stayed at the hospital for care and management. Vivienne did not blame the supermarket but  she wanted to raise awareness of the issue so she posted this.

Here’s her Facebook post:

“Just wanted to warn parents against using baby seats in trolley without wiping down or using a blanket.
Didn’t even think about it just popped him in and did a quick shop. I hadn’t been anywhere with him in a week so doctors advised only place he could of gotten it.
My 10 month old woke up the next morning so sick. Took him to hospital and he ended up in intensive care for 8 days. He ended up catching adenovirus, rotavirus, salmonella poisoning and got meningitis because of the strain on his body. Ended up with a central line as his veins were collapsing due to severe dehydration. He was in hospital for a total of 10 days and will still take another week or 2 to fully recover.
So please be careful I never thought something like this could happen.”

Look at Logan’s pictures below:

Photo credit: Facebook

Poor little boy!

Photo credit: Facebook
Photo credit: Facebook

So for moms and parents out there, be warned. When  you allow your kids to ride on shopping carts, make sure the surface is clean by wiping every part of the cart with antibacterial wipes, or putting a blanket on the seat before letting your children sit on it. Be safe everyone!

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