WATCH: Adorable Toddler Feeds Blind Dog, Goes Viral for Showing Compassion at Such a Young Age

It is so wonderful how kids are so innocent to the negativities of the world! While many of us, adults, already have a cynical view the world, these kids are embracing life as it goes – without judging others for their looks, their skin color, their disabilities, etc.

One perfect example of that can be seen in this heartwarming video of a toddler who haven’t even perfected balancing and walking yet he had so much compassion in his heart that he was seen sharing his food and feeding a blind dog.

Screenshots from video by NTD TV

Of course, it is entirely possible that the child does not even have an idea that the dog is blind and could not see him or the food he was giving – and that makes the video even more endearing! It truly was great to see this perfect example of compassion from such a young kid…


Toddler feeds his blind dog

Posted by NTD Television on Saturday, February 18, 2017

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