WATCH: Crazy Video of Teen Jumping Over Gap in the Street towards Oncoming Traffic Goes Viral

While most kids throughout various generations had experienced peer pressure of some kind, kids these days have the added pressure of looking cool and great on social media. This has given rise to crazy behavior – and some are actually quite destructive and downright dangerous!

Take for example this video that has since gone viral on Facebook. Posted by AllCity, the video shows a group of teenagers at a street; one of the teens would soon make a running leap across a gap in the street, straight towards oncoming traffic.

Screenshot from video by AllCity / Facebook

While that might not sound too dangerous, the said gap in the street is actually not an ordinary gap but was made up of two walls framing what appears to be stairs leading to a subway or underground station/facility.

It was crazy to watch the video and imagine what could have happened if he miscalculated the leap by just a few inches or even faltered and hit the wall instead of reaching the pavement – and what could have happened if the car on that lane had been running just a tad bit faster!

Truly, this was a very dangerous thing to do and something that no one should ever attempt, ever! Of course, these kids are laughing now and would tell you, “But nothing happened!” Well, nothing did happen but something big could have – and it could have led to the loss of this teen’s life, all for a few minutes of fame on the internet!

Watch this video and tell us what you think:


Kids these days…

Kelan Ryan

Posted by AllCity on Sunday, December 11, 2016