Here’s the Truth about the Viral Video of the Adult Star Attacked by Shark during Photoshoot

A couple of weeks ago, an adult star went viral due to a video of her getting bitten by a shark while attempting to have a shark cage photoshoot. People were concerned about the incident; although a lot were also angry because they believe that the adult star and the crew were encroaching on the sharks’ territory.

In the short video, Molly Cavalli enters the shark cage and begins posing for the camera but quickly leaves the cage, screaming as she was reportedly bitten by a shark. The water turns red from her blood.

She would later post a photo of her wound on social media, earning sympathy from netizens.

Screenshot from video by CamSoda

While the gory video had also fascinated some netizens, the owner of Florida Shark Diving Bryce Rohrer claims that the supposed attack was a publicity stunt to create a stir for Cavalli – and that would surely be free publicity for the adult star.

WATCH: Sexy Photo Shoot Goes Wrong, Model Bitten by Shark in Cage Photo Shoot Attempt

In a statement, Rohrer revealed:

(Molly) said: “We want to do a film shoot with a few scantily-clad women diving with sharks,” and we were kind of skeptical of even that.

Then once we started getting the facts of what they actually wanted to do… we declined.

She basically spelled out, “We want to do this fake bite, this is what we want it to look like

I’ve been working with sharks my entire adult career, 300 days a year, I’m on the water diving with sharks.

They’re incredible animals, they’re a cornerstone species, meaning they need to be in the oceans at a somewhat healthy level, or else the entire ecosystem literally breaks down.

So many people these days are working towards saving sharks and the environment is in such a focus right now… when someone comes up with a fake shark attack it just kind of is a blow to all that work.

According to Rohrer, the ‘unhealthy’ stunt misrepresents sharks and could lead to unnecessary hate against the creatures. Sigh.

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