WATCH: Hilarious Moment Dad Questions Preschool Daughter after Teacher Confronts Him for ‘Growing Weed at Home’

Kids say the darnedest things! And one kid had almost gotten her dad investigated for growing weed at home – and the hilarious video of him questioning her about it has gone viral on social media.

It all started when the teacher had a lesson about weed and how kids should avoid it because it is not good. One girl, Skylar, blurted out that her dad is ‘growing a ton of weed at home’, much to her teacher’s horror!

So, when the said dad, Dax Holt, arrived that afternoon to pick her up, the teacher had a small talk with him to investigate the matter.

Screenshot from video by Dax Holt / Facebook

Back at home, Holt questioned the little lady about what she told the teacher – and it really was so hilarious! And Skylar wasn’t even lying! LOL. She answered her dad as honestly as she could and, later, pointed the ‘evidence’ so her dad could show it to her teacher the following day.

Can you guess what Skylar’s evidence might be? Watch this video and be prepared to laugh hard (although I do pity the poor dad for having become a drug suspect for a few hours. LOL.)