WATCH: Hilarious Moment Hugh Jackman Pulls Reporter, Recognizes Him as Former Student

It is easy for students to remember their former teachers but having taught so many students, you can’t really expect a teacher to remember all his/her former students.

But a lot of teachers will tell you that they do remember students who were remarkable and unforgettable in some way, positive or negative. For instance, most teachers remember the most intelligent, most naughty, most unique, and the craziest students in the classes they had.

So, imagine one reporter’s embarrassment when he was interviewing Hugh Jackman when the actor suddenly pulled him and remarked how he, the reporter, was one of his students way back when he was still teaching physical education classes many years ago!

Jackman even recognized reporter Rollo Ross by name – and turned the interview around.

Screenshot from video by Rollo Ross / YouTube

When Jackman, who was at the Zurich Film Festival to get a Golden Icon award, was asked where he draws his anger when he portrays his iconic Wolverine character in the X-Men film series, the actor joked that it was from memories of his naughty students who wouldn’t bring their materials/projects to school as well as those who wouldn’t jump in the pool when told to do so – and he appears to be implying that Ross was among those students!

This drew laughter from those who were nearby and Jackman remarked that Ross was getting rather red. LOL. He ended the interview with a parting joke, “In fact, I’m remembering you more and more…

While most of us know Jackman as an actor, he did work other jobs before he became famous. One of these is being a physical education teaching assistant at Uppingham School in Rutland, England back in the late 1980s.

Watch the hilarious moment here:

While this was an old video, it still draws much laughter from his adoring fans and has even recently gone viral again…

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BBC, Sunny Skyz

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