WATCH: ‘Honest’ Pickpocket Returns Stolen Wallet to Owner after Seeing CCTV Camera

An ‘honest’ pickpocket has gone viral on Facebook after he returned a wallet he stole to the rightful owner because he noticed the CCTV camera that certainly recorded the incident. He was possibly afraid of getting jailed for the crime once the owner discovers the theft and the cops view the CCTV footage.

But while he did return the stolen wallet to the owner, someone who saw the CCTV footage still shared the incident on Facebook and it would soon go so viral that the original post has received over 22 million views while reposts like those on NTD Television’s Facebook page also gained millions of views and likes!

Screenshot from video by Halid Arsajev / Facebook

In the clip, the crook easily steals the wallet of the person using the ATM but after noticing that there was a CCTV camera at the scene, the ‘honest’ pickpocket quickly drops the wallet to the ground and pretended to ‘find’ it. LOL.

It’s quite hilarious how he tried to ‘apologize’ to the camera, especially after he dropped the wallet and ‘returned’ it to the owner. He made gestures as if to say that he already returned the wallet so there was no need to have him ********.

Well, he didn’t get ******** but his face is all over Facebook now – and for many people these days, that just might be worse than getting ********. Ooooops!

Watch the somewhat hilarious incident here:


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Posted by Halid Arsajev on Thursday, December 29, 2016