We all know how difficult it can be for someone to have cancer – he/she undergoes endless hours of pain and suffering while battling the disease, without definite assurance for survival until all the cancer cells are gone.

So, when 12-year-old Sofia was on her last day of treatment, the Willis-Knighton Cancer Center Proton Radiation Team decided to surprise her and give her something to smile about. After all, being cancer-free certainly calls for a celebration!

Even with their busy schedule, the staff managed to practice their dance moves to make this young girl happy. They even wore matching Chuck Taylors in Sofia’s honor.

Truly, these people are wonderful! Not only did they spend time to treat this young child who has been in and out of treatment for years, they also went a step further just to make her feel special and positive on her last day of treatment.

Check out this wonderful surprise:

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Viral Nova