A young woman was waiting for the train at a Russian subway station when a thief snatched her phone. Perhaps believing the helpless young woman would not do anything out of fear, the snatcher calmly walked away from the crime scene as if nothing happened. Another reason why he just walked away is that he might be trying to look casual so no one will, hopefully, notice that he had just snatched the young girl’s phone.

But life is not always what it seems – and he soon learns a lesson of not judging a book by its cover for the young girl was a tough one! She quickly ran towards the thief, slammed her purse on his face, and gave him a swift kick in the groin!

As he crumpled to the ground, the girl continued to hit him in the face before collecting her belongings and running away! That should teach him not to steal again.

Of course, as was expected in incredible situations like this one, people on the internet screamed “100 fake!” even when forensic analysis on NBC news by an expert supposedly confirmed the CCTV footage was real.

Watch the video and tell us whether you think it was fake or not:

We can’t say for certain whether the footage was real or fake but one thing is for sure, self-defense can be quite handy in many situations, especially ones like this!

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