WATCH: Hunt for Wild Boar to Fulfill Cancer Patient’s Wish, Turns into Viral Dog Rescue and Kangaroo-Punching Incident

A group of hunters worked to help a young cancer patient with terminal diagnosis achieve his last wish to catch a wild boar.

They have deployed their highly-trained dogs and one managed to pick up a scent but it was kangaroo. As the team was circling around they spotted the dog being locked down by a kangaroo so the owner immediately took action.

We can all agree that kangaroos are dangerous creatures. We know they can punch, pounce or kick but they just got a new move in their arsenal… they can lock you down to submission.

When approaching the kangaroo, the dog struggled to break free and the man almost got hit by a kangaroo kick. When the dog finally broke free, the kangaroo faced the man in a combat position. But instead of having a man vs. kangaroo violent battle, the man gave the kangaroo a quick punch that made it stop and rethink its options.


Fortunately, the kangaroo decided to let it pass and jumped away.

In the update posted by YouTube user Greg Bloom, the young cancer patient already lost the battle but his family considered the videos of the hunt as treasured memories.

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