WATCH: Incredible Moment a Monk “Runs on Water” for 118 Meters

Defying the laws of Physics to amaze the crowd of onlookers and millions of people across the globe (who watched the video on the web), a monk from a Shaolin Temple in southeast China’s Fujian Province “runs on water” for 118 meters before losing his balance and falling into the water.

As you can see in the video shared by New China TV, a flimsy bridge was set up on the water – perhaps to serve as guide to the monk. This “bridge” was lightweight and was simply floating on the water. When a stone was dropped on one of the planks, this part sank for a few seconds before floating right back up. This shows that the bridge would not be able to support the monk’s weight.

So, when the monk began to run on the water, I was really amazed. Just imagine the countless hours he spent to perfect this technique. I still am confused as to what the flimsy bridge was for but a lot of netizens said they will be more amazed with the monk if he is able to run on the water without the light bridge.

What do you think? Check this monk’s amazing feat here: