WATCH: Malaysian Mom Kicks Toddler to Save Her from Getting Crushed by Closing Elevator Doors

While parents wouldn’t want to hurt their child, there are times when a drastic situation calls for drastic measures and the parent ends up hurting the child to save his/her life.

That’s exactly what happened to a mother and her child who were visiting Sunny Point Complex in Batu Uban, Malaysia.

Based on the CCTV footage taken from the scene, a child could be seen moving towards the elevator after it opened on its own. While most modern elevators have sensors to prevent people from getting crushed, this old lift didn’t have those; thus, the doors continued to close despite the girl being in between.

Realizing that the child could get crushed by the closing doors, a desperate mom made a dash towards the lift and kicked her own child out of harm’s way! Whew!

Screenshot from video by SAMIRGM1975 / YouTube

The kick was successful as it moved the child away from the closing doors.

For her actions, the quick-thinking mother earned praise on social media.

Eagle-eyed netizens couldn’t help but comment, however, that the mother still had ample time to pull the child using her hands instead of kicking her. They believe this was not a commendable action but actually child abuse caught on camera, especially because she was seen moving away from the child after that swift kick!

Others believe it was unfair to judge the mother based on that CCTV footage because it was too short to really tell the whole story of what happened next.

What do you think of this video?

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