Airline Forcibly Drags Asian Doctor Off Flight, Stirs Outrage

On Sunday, a video was posted on Youtube, showing a man being dragged away from his airline seat.   He was screaming while the other passengers watched helplessly, as they couldn’t believe what was unfolding in front of their eyes.

Apparently, the unnamed passenger was a doctor, as described by the person who posted the video, and he needed to be in the hospital that Monday.  Unfortunately, he didn’t expect to be forcibly removed from the plane as it was overbooked.

man dragged out
Image captured from Youtube/ New York Post

The video taken inside a United Airlines plane, showed three security officers approaching what looked like an Asian man who was already seated inside the plane.  They asked the man to get off the plane, but when he refused, things got violent.  He was forcibly taken off his seat and dragged out of the plane. The man screamed during the process, but nevertheless, the three officers continued with the task.

According to one witness, passengers were told that the flight was overbooked, and airline crew needed to get on board to get to another airport to service another flight.  The airline initially offered $400 and free hotel accommodations for anyone who would volunteer. When no one volunteered, the incentive was increased to $800.  However, when still no one was willing to give up their seat, the airline ran out of ideas, so they randomly selected four passengers using a computer.

The video shows a man screaming as they forcibly removed him off his seat, and dragged him out of the plane.

On Monday, a spokesman for United airlines apologized for the overbooked situation, however that didn’t stop the people from going to Twitter, expressing anger over the whole situation.

“United: Alright, it’s been almost three weeks since we were in the news for the leggings thing. We need to get trending again. Who has ideas”, Elise Foley writes.

“good news is that as people see video of you assaulting a passenger, your overbooking problem should fix itself. #unitedAirlines,” writes josh McCain.

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