WATCH: Old Video of Adele Suffering Sound System Failure in Concert Goes Viral as Netizens Tell Mariah to “Take Notes”

Remember Mariah Carey’s rather disastrous performance during the last minutes of the 2017 New Year’s countdown? Many netizens joked that the performance perfectly summed up how crazy 2016 had been.

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While most netizens believe that it the show signaled the death of Mariah’s career and that it was actually disastrous mostly because she was just trying to lip synch her way to ‘singing’ her songs, her team blamed the production team for ‘setting her up to fail’ because she was allegedly given faulty headsets and the sound team only played songs with vocals.

Still, netizens couldn’t help but comment how Mariah didn’t even appear to be trying to sing at all and that she had bungled the performance long before the supposed ‘technical problem’.

Photo credit: Billboard

Some days later, someone re-shared an old video of Adele experiencing sound system failure – and the moment ended quite differently. Instead of bungling the performance, Adele didn’t even skip a beat! Some of the audience quickly shouted out for the technical team to restore the sound while the rest sang their hearts out to help their favorite singer.

Afterwards, she joked about the glitch but not one bashed her for the missed portion because it was clear that it wasn’t her fault.

When the old video went viral, netizens gave unsolicited advice for Mariah to follow Adele and actually sing during the performance so that if there are vocal or sound issues, the audience will know she’s actually singing and not just lip synching over an old recording.

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