WATCH: Panic-Stricken Dog Jumps into the Water When He Thinks His Human is Drowning

Dogs are among the most loyal creatures on Earth – and in many cases, they have proven to be heroes as they do not worry about what would happen to them, as long as they can save their friends.

Two dogs have been videotaped trying to save their human from ‘drowning’ but one of the dogs had gotten more attention because of the way he frantically tried to find a way to save his master.

Screenshot from video by UNILAD / Facebook

In a clip posted by Facebook page UNILAD, a man could be seen standing on a porch right next to a river or lake. Using a rope swing, the man jumps into the water but the dogs were quite shocked over what happened.

The black one was so panic-stricken that he ran around and first seemed like he didn’t know what to do next but it was easy to see that he wanted to save his human. He eventually found a lower spot where he could get into the water without having to launch himself from the porch but the yellow Lab beat him to their human.

Screenshot from video by UNILAD / Facebook

Of course, the man wasn’t really drowning but it was adorable and quite funny to see these two try to save him as they as they could.

Some netizens think this was some sort of animal cruelty, though, as the man made the dogs feel terrified by letting them think he was drowning! Ooooops. Do you agree?

Watch this video and tell us what you think: