WATCH: Rhino Goes on a Rampage, Chases Cars Off the Highway as Scared Drivers Flee

With their thick skin, large horn, and huge body, rhinos can be very dangerous – especially if they come barreling towards you at top speed! Needless to say, you wouldn’t want to be a rhino’s target at all or be trapped in its path.

So, when one rhino went on a rampage on a busy highway, it was understandable that the drivers of the oncoming cars scrambled to safety, trying their best to make a U-turn before the angry rhino could reach their vehicle.

The action-packed video was quite thrilling to watch; although a lot of netizens also found humor in the situation as the drivers frantically turned away as fast as they could.

Photo credit: NTD TV / Caters News Agency – Facebook

What would you do if you were in the path of a rampaging rhino? Well, even if I would become the laughingstock of the whole internet, I would do exactly what these drivers did – turn the vehicle and floor the gas pedal as fast as I can! I bet you would do that, too.

Thankfully, after terrorizing several drivers and leaving a lot of people definitely late for work that day, the rhino eventually gave up chasing all these cars and went down the valley when it found an exit.

Photo credit: NTD TV / Caters News Agency – Facebook

Some people slammed the person taking the video, however, accusing him of causing the rhino to go on a rampage but he would later reveal he was just driving a small car and had only taken the video of the rampaging rhino but wasn’t the one who was ‘chasing’ it away…

Check out this video and tell us what you would have done if you encountered the same situation: