WATCH: Sexy Photo Shoot Goes Wrong, Model Bitten by Shark in Cage Photo Shoot Attempt

A photo shoot with sharks will definitely produce amazing images. But what could possibly go wrong?

Molly Cavalli, an adult entertainer, got bitten by a shark in an extremely dangerous photo shoot attempt. Of course, they have a shark cage in place but spaces between bars are wide enough for smaller sharks.

Image: YouTube

The video shows Molly getting excited for the shoot and seems to be unafraid to go down in the shark-infested waters. She goes down in the cage and sharks are actually captured circling around, making it easier for them to achieve their purpose.

However, a few moments later, Molly suddenly struggled and the video showed blood coming out from her foot. She was immediately brought back to the surface and the photo shoot ended quickly.

She is seen shocked and crying with a long cut on her left foot. Later on, she confirmed in Instagram that the cut was only minor: “Thanks for your well wishes guys. I’m totally fine. It’s not as bad as it seems. I’m healing quickly. It was still an amazing experience.”

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