WATCH: Shocking Video of Groom Dragging His Bride Out of the Bridal Car for Money Issues

This viral video of a Chinese groom violently dragging his bride has been spreading negative stories about the bride demanding money. It turns out that those initial stories are untrue but it still about the money.

Groom violently drags her bride out of the wedding car. Photo: Weibo / Zhingzhi Media

In an interview by Chengdu Evening Post, the groom said that his wife was wrongly accused by the media. According to the groom, he got angry with the driver for demanding money over and over again. In their 10-minute drive, the driver stopped several times asking for ‘red packets’.

Red packets are cash gifts that are used during special occasions like Lunar New Year and weddings to symbolize blessings.

According to the groom, every time they stopped, guests also surround them asking the same packets. The events made the groom really angry to the point that he dragged his bride quickly out of the car when they arrived. However, the groom did not comment on why he dragged his bride in a very violent manner.

A bridesmaid who identified herself as Xiaoli also said that the bride did not demand any money from the groom. The unverified stories spreading in social media have disrupted their normal life. She also added that the couple has been dating for 4 years before they got married and their families have a good relationship.

Even if the groom has given their version of the story, was the violent dragging of the bride already justified? What do you think?

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