WATCH: Snake Instantly Regrets Trying to Eat Porcupine, Suffers Slow Death from its Spikes

While porcupines aren’t big creatures, they are well protected by spikes and quills that easily detach from their bodies to prick predators who try to eat them; thus, most predators stay away from this prickly snack.

It seems that one snake from Brazil didn’t get the memo, though – because it tried to eat the porcupine as best as it could, perhaps trying to prove itself to be the king of snakes and ruler of the porcupines…

Of course, while the snake is stronger and larger than the porcupine in question, the little creature wasn’t exactly defenseless and unarmed. In fact, its spikes would soon prove to be an even match, perhaps even better, than the snake’s attacks!

Screenshot from video by Focus HD

In a video that had since gone viral on YouTube, gaining over 3.5 million views in less than a week, the snake could be seen writhing in pain as its body was impaled with scores of porcupine spikes! But even as it thrashes around in pain, it still tries to fight off the dog barking in the background.

It was clear in this video that the battle between the snake and the porcupine had been a rather tough one, with the snake getting most of the damage – and it seems that it wasn’t even able to take the spiky creature for dinner because its belly still looks rather flat.

Of course, had it managed to completely devour the porcupine, it would get double the trouble – from the spikes on the outside and the ones from the inside! Ooooops.

Check out this video; although be warned that it is somewhat distressing to view:

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