Aside from developing someone into a better athlete, sports could build a better person in an individual. There are many sports that you can introduce to your child, as each sport develops certain good qualities in an individual.

Judo, in particular, develops a lot of things, especially on children like: fitness, strength, stamina, coordination, flexibility, toughness, confidence, discipline, manners, punctuality, and self-defense among many others.

Judo is very suitable for both boys and girls; children can start training as young as when they are 5 years old!

Who said Judo was only for tough people?

While browsing the internet, we came across this adorable video of four-year-old Leyre Moreno. Although she suffers from delayed growth, she didn’t let her condition hinder her from enjoying Judo. She took part in a judo event and fought her opponents at the Pabellon Jorge Garbajosa sports centre in Madrid, making her the smallest but definitely one of the cutest judo fighter in Spain.

Check out the video below and see one of the cutest judo fighter in the world.