The Christmas season happens just a few weeks a year but it is one of the best seasons to celebrate.

The season also has lots of amazing stuff for everyone to enjoy. Not only is it the time for giving and receiving, it is also the time for bonuses, lots of food, and great music.

Now, not a lot of people think Christmas should be hilarious. After all, the original reason for the season was quite simple and did not require gifts, money, or laughs. However, we should understand that Christmas is also for having fun.

Thus, this year, PaperBugTV [the official YouTube channel of Bogart the Explorer] came up with a hilarious twist to the popular “Last Christmas” song.

They did not actually change the lyrics per se but came up with a creative way to incorporate Facebook names into the song, coming up with the funniest version of the song I have ever seen so far.

Check out the funny video here: