WATCH: This Dog Acts Dead When Taken from its Human

A clever little dog knows a trick to ensure that no one takes it away from its human – play dead every time someone tries to get him. LOL. The dog is so good at playing dead that it looks really dead even when the other person would tilt it a bit, as if to make it fall.

It is quite hilarious how it does this trick every single time – but would joyfully move and snuggle with its owner once it is returned; then, he plays dead again when taken back from its owner. What a cute little dog!

Does your dog do that, too?

Screenshot from video by Awesome Animal Rescues / Facebook
Screenshot from video by Awesome Animal Rescues / Facebook

Some people believe, however, that this dog had been abused by the person who tried to take it from its owner and, thus, it plays dead out of fear. It could be its defense mechanism against the man or a show of fear. Others think that it really just recognizes who the ‘alpha dog’ is; thus, it goes on submissive mode.

Check out this video and tell us what you think – do you think this is an abused dog fearing the other guy or is it really just a cute little dog who knows an extra trick?


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Posted by Awesome Animal Rescues on Saturday, October 22, 2016

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