WATCH: This Guy Tries to Boast at the Gym, Ends Up Bending His Legs Backwards

You might be one of the strongest in your gym, but you need to remember that you should exercise for yourself and not to impress others.  Remember that you are there to improve yourself and not to get some praise from others; they are also there just to improve themselves even more.

In a video going viral on social media, a man can be seen trying to press more than he can, as the weights are really heavy.  It looks like the guy is trying to boast as he was pressing a mountain of weights all at the same time.

Before his leg bent, he was already having a hard time pressing the weights as he holds the legs in pain.  Seconds later, his left leg gives out and bends the wrong way.  The guy got lucky since the mechanism of the weight clicks before he was completely crushed.

While most of the people in the gym were left in shocked, the guy holding the camera rushes in to help him.

After that, the “man is then seen laying on the floor with his leg bent the wrong way,” writes Come on England.

guy bends his leg
Image by The Mirror UK


He was clearly in pain as he lies on the floor.  Now, this guy surely learned his lesson the hard way.

If ever, you want to impress someone, just make sure that you won’t be in danger like the guy in this video. Sometimes, we tend to think that we can do it all, but end up getting hurt in the process.

This video is a clear reminder that we should always check what we can do before we boast about something.

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