WATCH: Unlucky Guy Gets Hit by a Runaway Tire, But He’s Lucky to be Alive!

A man was walking at a sidewalk along with a female companion when a runaway tire rolled from the highway towards their direction. But because they had their back towards that runaway tire and no one nearby saw the tire enough to shout a warning, the man was unlucky enough to be hit by that tire!

It really was so unlucky of him to be on that exact spot at that time because if he had been a step away, the tire would have probably avoided hitting him. Sadly, he was directly on its path and was hit so hard that he was thrown to the ground by the impact.

His body was twisted and it was not easily apparent whether the survived or not. But according to UNILAD who shared the terrifying video, the man was brought to the hospital with a fractured skull and chest but is already in stable condition and “feeling much better”.

Watching that video, it was easy to deduce that he was so unlucky! But he’s definitely lucky to be alive!

Watch the clip below; WARNING: Distressing/graphic content: