WATCH: Video Appears to Show ‘Hundreds of UFOs’ Leaving Moon’s Surface… But Experts Say It’s Just Optical Illusion

When Geri Vigil decided to take a video of the moon’s surface as she waited for the ‘supermoon’, the sight of white specks appearing to leave the moon and going behind the celestial body was something she definitely did not expect!

While things like that could be expected of the sun because of sun flares, the moon only receives light from the sun – and certainly does not have moon flares to explain what Vigil had caught on tape. So, she quickly shared it on YouTube where it has garnered a lot of views and has been re-shared/re-posted on other YouTube channels.

Screenshot from video by Geri Vigil
Screenshot from video by Geri Vigil

She and many people, especially conspiracy theorists, believe that those specks could be unidentified flying objects (UFOs) leaving the moon’s surface and stealthily going back to their planets or someplace else. Could these be the moon’s guardians?

Well, photographers have another theory: the specks are really just dust on the camera lens! Ooooops.

But many think that this was some sort of evidence that there are aliens living on the moon and in other planets! Hmmmm. What can you say?

Still, aliens or not, this video is truly fascinating to watch…

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