Millions of women around the world experience harassment in their own homes, at the workplace, or even while walking down the street! Even in the streets of first world countries, these women continue to be disrespected by men.

YouTube channel AreWeFamousNow shared a social experiment wherein a woman walks down the streets of New York first in “ordinary” clothing and, then, in the hijab, the typical clothing for Muslim women.

This woman received a lot of cat calls, jeers, introductions, etc. as she walked down these streets – with one guy persistently following her for several blocks even if she specifically turned down his advances. The guy only stopped harassing her when the team intervened. That’s the most frightening moment in the video – and it was lucky the guys were actually with her or this could have turned into something worse!

Then it was time for her to wear the hijab. What do you think would happen next? Watch this video and prepare to be surprised: