People using wheelchairs have limited capabilities yet who said they could not do things that regular people could, anyway?

For example, you don’t usually associate people on wheelchairs with dancing yet the girls in the video shared by user TheAmbassadorAgency on YouTube showed the world that you can still rock even if you are on one!

They are amazing, actually, dancing to the beat and wheeling around to the Nae Nae, a popular dance craze. It is also quite clear that these young ones enjoy what they are doing – kudos to their teachers for encouraging them to dance and have a good time despite their disabilities.

These two are part of a group of kids being trained as wheelchair dancers for fun. They are raising funds using crowd funding site GoFundMe. So far, they have surpassed their initial goal of $500, having raised over $1000 to date.

Check out their fun dance in this video:

Feature image credit: GoFundMe/Ayita Wheelchair Dance

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