Why are Black Cats Considered Unlucky? Find Out Here!

Black cats have been a popular icon of Halloween and Friday the 13th; they are believed to come with an unlucky stigma.  For centuries already, black cats have been a focus for superstitions and crazy rumors in many cultures. Many many years ago, black cats were thought to be linked to witches and therefore thought to be evil creatures.

While these thoughts and superstitions have begun to slowly fade away through the years, there are still stories, folklore, and tales existing today that keep the reputation of these beautiful creatures in the dark.

Have you ever wondered why black cats were considered unlucky and brings bad luck? Have you ever wondered where that thinking originated? Well, worry no more. Find out why in the video below.

Just like all animals, black cats are adorable animals and they deserve to live a life without prejudice. They may be linked to these kind of superstitions but every cat has a different personality and we just need to find the perfect fit for us, regardless of their color.

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