It is amazing what a father’s love (and awesome Photoshop skills) can do to make a child feel extra special, especially if the child is someone who has Down syndrome.

Photographer and designer Alan from Utah, the blogger behind That Dad Blog, has 5 children, the youngest of which has Down syndrome. Although born with the medical condition, 1-year-old William (Wil) Lawrence is as special and loved as the rest of the kids in the family.

Still, Alan wants to make Wil truly experience that love – so the doting father made him a superhero and gave him the power of flight! Alan and his family wants to raise awareness for Down Syndrome through “Wil Can Fly“.

Even though our son has Down Syndrome we know he will be able to do anything he puts his mind to – Wil Can Fly!Alan Lawrence

To further raise awareness on Down syndrome, the family is also raising funds through Kickstarter by asking for pledges in exchange of calendars. These calendars will feature Wil and his siblings in different locations. Alan believes this project could come to fruition by December 2015.

Check out more Wil Can Fly photos on Alan’s Instagram.

All photos, used with permission.