Witches around the World to Cast Spell on Donald Trump on the Same Day

A lot of people hate US President Donald Trump – and it seems that a group of witches and wizards hate him so much that they are planning on casting a spell on him on the same day [for the spell to work and be more powerful, I guess]!

According to Pink News, the witches have picked February 24 as the date to cast a “binding” spell on Trump. But if you’re a Trump hater, don’t get too excited because the spell isn’t actually a hex that would cause him any harm or blow him up because the binding spell is supposed to just stop him from harming anyone.

The binding spell meant to “neutralize” Trump’s ability to cause harm will supposedly not hurt the spell caster’s karma and won’t “bounce back” or give negative blowback to the witches.

Photo credit: Extra News Feed

For it to work, the spell casters need an orange candle which should be engraved with Trump’s name at the side, a small nail or pin to be used in engraving, a Tower tarot card, and an unflattering photo of the US president.

To cast the spell, the witches need to prepare the aforementioned objects, light the candle, recite a pre-written spell, blow out the orange candle, and the most important part is to visualize Trump “blowing apart” into dust or ash. Ouch!

According to the instructions, the spell needs to be performed “at midnight on every waning crescent moon until he [Trump] is removed from office.” Thus, the February 24 mass ritual must be done at midnight and should be repeated every month.

If you wish to participate, click here to read about the full details of the spell and how to do it.

The witches even created a Facebook page [Mass Spell to Bind Donald Trump Feb. 24th] where participants can post their altars and show photos of the ritual they performed.

We just have to wait and see whether the spell works…