Woman Fakes Pregnancy for Months Before Murdering Friend and Stealing Her Newborn Baby

Yesenia Sesmas, 34, was desperate to have a child of her own but when she couldn’t have one naturally, she faked a pregnancy while plotting to steal the baby of a woman she had known for years. But she didn’t stop at plotting on stealing the child – she also planned her friend’s murder!

Sesmas is from Dallas, Texas while her victim, 27-year-old Laura Abarca-Nogueda, lives in Wichita, Kansas; though cops had discovered that the suspect had lived in Wichita before moving to Dallas some months ago.

Photo credit: Dallas County Jail / Dallas News
Photo credit: Dallas County Jail / Dallas News

Last week, Abarca-Nogueda’s boyfriend discovered her dead body in their house when he got home from work; but their baby was gone. This sparked a desperate search for baby Sophia Gonzales who was later found alive and unharmed at Sesmas’ home.

Based on the investigation, Sesmas faked a pregnancy before traveling to Wichita to kidnap Abarca-Nogueda’s baby. In a jailhouse interview after her arrest, Sesmas said she had not meant to kill Abarca-Nogueda but accidentally shot her. She then took the 6-day-old baby to Dallas, claiming the child as her own.

Three other people living with Sesmas (her boyfriend, son, and niece) were also interviewed by the cops but they were equally shocked to discover that the baby wasn’t Sesmas but that of a woman she murdered. Sesmas now faces first-degree murder and kidnapping charges. Authorities are planning on extraditing her to Kansas.

During the course of the investigation, the cops also found that Sesmas had also tried to kidnap another baby from a 37-year-old woman she attacked sometime in July; though it is unknown whether she’s also facing raps for the attempted kidnapping.

Photo credit: Go Fund Me
Photo credit: Go Fund Me

Abarca-Nogueda’s family had set up a GoFundMe memorial fund with an initial goal of $15,000. To date, the campaign has received $14,000 from over 230 people.

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