Woman Releases Heartbreaking X-ray Following Deadly Car Crash to Advocate Against Texting While Driving

Accidents involving drivers who were texting or using their phones behind the wheel have risen in recent years and have claimed a number of innocent lives.

One of the victims of such incidents, Aimee Eckert, is now of the staunch advocates against texting while driving because not only did she lose her left leg in the accident, she also lost her unborn child!

Aimee was 6 months pregnant and was heading off to meet some friends when a speeding driver who was texting behind the wheel had hit her vehicle. The impact crumpled her car, pinning her inside. It took rescuers more than an hour to extract her from the vehicle. By then, she had lost a lot of blood from her injuries.

Photo credit: WDTNTV / YouTube
Photo credit: WDTNTV / YouTube

Despite the doctors working hard to save her unborn child at the hospital, her injuries had been so severe that the child did not survive. What’s even more heartbreaking is that the doctors were forced to perform a hysterectomy due to her injuries, rendering her unable to have any more children.

Not only did she lose her baby, she also lost the capability to have another one – and all because of an irresponsible driver who, according to reports, only got a ticket for the accident she caused!

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