Woman Tries to Fake Getting Hit by Car, Fails to Scam Driver Who Caught Everything on Dashcam

These days, it really is a good idea to install a dashcam (dashboard camera) on your vehicle because you never really know what happens in the street and it’s always good to have evidence in your possession that you have done nothing wrong should a traffic accident happen.

In an undisclosed location in China, a motorist was thankful he installed a dashcam because a woman tried to scam him, pretending she was hit by the car. But what’s quite hilarious about this is that the woman wasn’t such a good actress because she laid down on the street even when the car was still several meters away! LOL.

The dashcam footage showed the woman hurriedly lying on the street when she saw the car approaching. Scooters and motorcycles had to quickly swerve to avoid hitting her but she had her eyes set on the car.

Photo credit: 9GAG / Facebook

It was a good thing the driver was alert. He slowed down and began backing away. Seeing this, the woman got up and began banging up the hood, shouting at the driver that he had hit her! LOL.

Of course, the driver wasn’t buying her argument because she was, after all, at least 10 meters away from the car and the vehicle did have a dashcam to prove the case.

But the woman wasn’t ready to give up easily. She repeatedly pointed to the car and would lie on the street to supposedly prove she was hit. At one point, a traffic cop went closer to check what was happening but seeing there was nothing to investigate, he just went away.

Photo credit: 9GAG / Facebook

The woman continued to try and scam the driver but after getting ignored for several more minutes, she eventually went away.

While it was hilarious to watch this, it was lucky that the driver didn’t actually hit and kill her as the Chinese often prefer to do that because paying for a dead pedestrian is much cheaper than handling the medical bills.

In China, drivers who meet an accident are required to pay for the patient’s medical bills. But the bills don’t just stop with the injuries directly sustained during the accident and the driver could end up paying for the pedestrian’s medical bills (even unrelated to the accident) for life!

Perhaps the woman was also in dire need of money and getting hit by a car might be the only solution she could think of that could bring her some cash but because scamming is wrong, we’re still not going to take her side…

Check out this hilarious video:

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