Woman Wins $188 Million in Lottery, Gets Sued for $10 Million by Pastor for Not Giving Tithes to Her Church

After winning the Powerball jackpot, Marie Holmes opted to receive the amount in lump sum which totaled $188 million. She knew her life would change forever and that her good fortune would attract some negativity but she wanted to enjoy her winnings nonetheless – who wouldn’t?

For the next couple of months, Marie would spend money bailing her boyfriend from jail for various crimes he committed. She would later be known for spending $21 million on bail alone!

But aside from that problem, she would also face a lawsuit from a pastor who claimed she did not give the church the donation which she had supposedly promised when she won.

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A certain Pastor Kevin Matthews claimed he had gone to Marie’s house where he would minister to her and several others. During the said spiritual meeting, Holmes allegedly promised to donate some of her winnings as tithes to the church.

According to Lottery Post, Pastor Kevin had planned on using the money to purchase a lot he had laid his eyes on; although it was not clear if the purchase was for the church’s expansion. The pastor reportedly needed $1.5 million for the lot – and Marie gladly gave him $700,000 but he wanted her to pay the full amount.

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When Marie’s aunt Carmel heard about this, she advised her not to give the pastor any more money; after all, she had already donated a rather huge amount – and she wasn’t even a full-fledged member of that church!

Pastor Kevin prays outside Marie’s house
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Carmel called the pastor to tell him how despicable his actions were; this angered the man, leading him to file a lawsuit amounting to $10 million against Marie. He claimed that the church was entitled to part of Marie’s winnings in tithes and that he’s suing her because her refusal to give him the money had caused him a great deal of anxiety and stress.

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Do you think this pastor is too greedy or does Marie really have to give the church at least 10% of her winnings as a form of tithes?