What if  you were walking down the streets one day, and out of nowhere, you came across an 8-year old girl all alone wandering and walking the streets by herself, what would you do? Would you stop and ask about her family or would you ignore her and walk away? Or here’s a different scenario, let’s say the little girl approached you and she looks scared and asking to help her find her mom, what would you do?

In order to see how people would react to this situation, YouTube channel DennisCeeTv decided to conduct a small social experiment to find out how people would react –if they would stop and help the lost child or ignore her and not show any compassion. It provides us an insight as to the real scenario in the streets these days.

The video opens up and shows a little girl asking many people for help or take notice of her. Others stopped by and offered help but some did not. There are different reactions from the people in the video but her experience with the last person captured in the video will shock you and send chills down your spine.

Could you guess what happened before the end of the video? Watch and find out for yourself. Take note, this is just a social experiment, what more could have happened in reality? The reality could be far worse that the reactions captured in this video!

How about you? What were your reactions after watching the video? You can share with us your comments below.

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