The students of Salisbury Composite High School sure have coolest teachers in the world! To send off the graduates of 2015, these teachers created a fantastic mash-up video that had us smiling from ear to ear.

I love how these mentors went out of their way to create a music video that gave the students a glimpse of their generation (in the choice of music and outfit) as well as making sure they are also updated with the new age’s music and style.

The resulting video is cool and hilarious at the same time. I wish I had cool teachers like them when I was in school! Going to school would have been lots of fun with this great bunch of mentors.

I especially love the punch line involving the PE teacher who had to run to catch the bus! He simply shows that PE teachers truly rock!

Watch the video here:

Did your teachers also did a mass send-off similar to the one made by the teachers in this video?