Young Daughter Asks Father to Take Another Person’s Belongings

A netizen who was only identified as Husana shared a funny incident to advise her friends to be more careful with their belongings especially if they are in public places.

Apparently, she was eating Chizza at KFC restaurant. When her chilli sauce ran out, she went to the sauce dispenser located next to her, leaving her phone, keys and purse on the table which she guarded with her sight. Suddenly, a man from the next table came and took her phone and purse. She immediately called him out.

The man was shocked and immediately explained that he thought someone left their personal belongings and was about to return to the KFC counter.

As soon as the man headed back to his table, his daughter shockingly said,

“Baba cakap nak curi telefon dengan dompet purple tu bagi adik. Cepat la ambil. (Dad, you said you were going to steal the phone and purple purse for me. Quickly, get it).”

Image: World of Buzz

It made her parents feel embarrassed but they didn’t pay much attention to what their daughter just said and just continued eating. However, she insisted that she wants the purple phone and reprimanded her dad to go and get it.

After Husana’s post went viral in just a matter of hours, she changed its visibility to ‘friends only’; however, it garnered an overwhelming response from concerned citizens with regards to bad parenting.

The girl’s parents seemed to not know what good parenting means. We all know that parents want only what’s the best for their kids but that doesn’t mean that we would teach them that it’s alright to take other person’s belongings just because they want them.

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