Young Fil-Am Sold App to Snapchat for $54 Million… He Now Travels Around the World to Help People in Need!

What would you do if you had $54 million? While most of us would probably buy real estate property, luxury vehicles, start a business, and/or travel around the world with the money, one young man decided it was best to use this money to, yes, travel around the world with his money – but that did not stop there because aside from traveling with his family, he also finds people to help in the places they visit!

Garrett Gee, a 26-year-old Filipino American who lived in Provo, Utah, created a mobile app that allows users to automatically scan codes without pressing the button. While it saves people a couple of seconds by not pressing the button, Snapchat realized its potential and offered to buy the app.

With the app called Scan he had created as a side project while playing soccer at Brigham Young University, Garrett got richer by $54 million!

Using this unexpected windfall Garrett decided to bring his wife Jessica and two kids, Dorothy and Manilla, to a world tour. So far they had traveled to far flung places like Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, and Thailand. In these places, the family would find people they can help anonymously. They share their adventures on the Bucket List Family.

In 2016, Garrett plans to visit the Philippines with his siblings. He said, “There’s six of us, so it’d be a really cool opportunity for us to just kind of do a tour of where our ancestors and parents came from.