Young Man Earns Praise After Defending Newbie Jollibee Crew Humiliated by Manager for Being Slow

It is understandable for trainees to make mistakes on the job because they still have a lot of things to learn – and no one is perfect, anyway. This is the reason why when Jayson Alarca ordered from popular Filipino fastfood chain, Jollibee, and the service crew at the counter asked him to repeat his order, he readily obliged – not just because as trainee she was not very adept with taking orders, but also because Jayson knew that the store was quite noisy and the cashier had difficulty hearing him over the din.

But while the young man was patient with the service crew, the store manager wasn’t pleased that the girl asked the customer to repeat his order. So, she reprimanded the crew member for not being able to take orders correctly despite being a trainee for a month already.

Then, she asked the girl to move aside so she could take over Jayson’s order but the irked young man wasn’t about to let this rude store manager get away with humiliating the new crew.

So, when the store manager asked him to repeat his order, he told her that she was just listening at the back of the service crew; thus, she should have heard his order and punch it in correctly – since she was quite angry at the new girl for not being able to get the order right.

Jayson also reprimanded the store manager for being rude to the trainee just because the latter could not get the order correctly since at some point in her life, she was also a newbie like this girl.

When the rude store manager tried to apologize, Jayson told her to apologize to the service crew instead. Then, telling her that he lost his appetite for Jollibee after the incident, he walked out of the store.

A manager in Jollibee pissed me off today. The way she treated her trainee is very unacceptable so I felt the need to…

Posted by Jayson Alarca on Tuesday, June 14, 2016

But he really was just trying to make a point because a few days later (and after the post had gone viral), he posted his order of Jollibee food to prove that he wasn’t hating the fastfood chain over what this store manager had done.

Jayson also refused to give out the name of the store manager and the location of the Jollibee outlet since he believes in giving this woman a second chance to become a better person who would not be rude to the newbies who have a hard time getting their orders right.

Oh, I still love Jollibee ha?

Please don't get me wrong in my previous post. Jollibee is, and will still be my favorite fast food chain cause it brings out the kid in me.

Please stop the hate. 󾍛󾍛󾍛

Posted by Jayson Alarca on Wednesday, June 15, 2016

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