Youngest Euromillions Winner Thinks the Big Win Ruined her Life and Wants to Sue Lotto

When Jane Park was still 17, she won £1million on the first ticket she bought. She is now 21 years old and is planning to sue the lottery bosses for negligence and making her life ten times worse.

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You might think that this is a case of a lottery winner that has gone broke and wanting an excuse to get more money. However, Jane is not exactly broke right now; she just realized that money can’t buy everything.

Jane wants to sue the lottery bosses claiming that someone at age 17 should not be allowed to win. This sounds like a ridiculous restriction and all people below 18 years old collectively give this a thumbs down.

Jane openly shared her experiences and why she thinks her current life is ten times worse.

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She is now sick of shopping designer goodies and she can’t go on vacation anytime she wants. Unless you were already rich in the first place then you will have friends that you can enjoy shopping expensive items with. Her friends also can’t go on vacation any time of the year so she can only go on vacation in about four times a year.

She struggles to find a boyfriend who isn’t after her money. If she probably got a good boyfriend we are probably not hearing anything about this. Unfortunately, she bought her last boyfriend a car and a Rolex then she ended up regretting it all.

She experiences the ‘stresses’ of the life of fame and money. She got breast implants and a purple Range Rover but she later realized the stress brought by too much attention. She became popular on social media but she gets stressed easily when people call her fat.

She got a dog but got no time to take care of it. She wanted a quick fix on her weight but she is not fat enough to have a liposuction. She was fined for assaulting a nightclub doorman and she is scheduled to stand trial for drunk driving.

She knows people envied her life of ‘money’ but she now simply craves for a normal life.

A spokesman of the lottery company said: “An independent financial and legal panel was set up shortly after Jane’s win and we put her in touch with another ­winner, who won at the same age, to share their experience.

They also promised to support Jane in any way she wants but said that the minimum age limit to play lottery is something for Parliament to rule on.

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