Nature is truly amazing! There are things in nature that are scary and difficult to understand yet there are plenty of moments where we are left in awe of God’s creation.

Now, sharks are known to be the apex predators at the seas and oceans, especially the large members of the shark family such as the great white shark. They are known to prey on large animals such as seals; though something holds them back from attacking dolphins, especially those swimming with a pod.

Although it is terrible if you think about it, it is amazing how sharks hunt – and that’s nature, anyway, so let’s not mourn the loss of the seals and other prey to these sharks as the predators need to eat, too.

There’s this viral video of a shark leaping to the air to snack on a seal but the smaller creature did some deft moves which helped it make an epic escape from sure death! This is incredible! Although I am in awe of the fearsome shark, I applaud the little seal more…

Check out this cool video shared by Mashable on YouTube: