Terrified Babysitter Shares Photo of Baby Sleeping on Its Head! She Thinks the Baby is ‘Possessed’…

While babies are known for sleeping in the weirdest positions, social media personality Mikaela Long of California witnessed something that had her terrified, posting on social media a snapshot of the baby sleeping on its head!

According to Mikaela, she was just babysitting for her niece while her parents were out when she was shocked to see the baby in a terrifying position in her crib. She took a snapshot from the baby monitor and posted on social media, “This is my 1st time babysitting & idk [I don’t know] where I went wrong but my niece is currently asleep on her head. Do I call the parents or the exorcist?

We’re not so sure whether she was serious with her question but hoping that she immediately checked on the baby and called her parents!

After the post had gone viral on social media, she posted a collage of photos with her baby niece alongside screenshots from horror movie, Paranormal Activity.

But while Mikaela was scared of the baby’s position, the child’s mother admitted that the baby has been sleeping in ‘acrobatic positions’ lately and that she just might be “settling down and getting comfortable”.

Could this baby be a future acrobat or could she be possessed? Ekkkkk!

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